Sunday, April 11, 2021

Trying to hold up my end of the bargain

Each Sunday, Johnny from Cards from the Quarry has been holding a PWE trade event. Usually he posts a card from each team, and all you have to do is claim it, and send him one back from his wantlist. Simple, right?

The problem I keep running into...he has every Rockies card known to man! I keep thinking I came across a good one - a numbered insert or a parallel from some random Bowman set no one bought. Then I check his wantlist...


I have a stack of Rockies I've come across over the last few weeks, and each time I think I got a good one, I come up empty. Which makes me feel bad because I've been claiming away each week. And while he makes it easy by also requesting cards from teams he is low on for trade bait, I feel like I'm having a hard time keeping up my end of the bargain. Plus, I don't want to just send him cards of other teams!

So I'm continuing to scour my unsorted boxes in hopes I can finally land a few Rox for him. I did just send him an older Stadium Club First Day Issue I think he needed. But I'm still behind by a couple cards due to a few cards I claimed over the last few weeks:
The first was a nice Gary Sanchez Bowman parallel. Gary has gotten off to a good start so far, thank goodness. I'm kind of tired of hearing about his struggles, so I hope for his sake he has a huge few months and everyone can focus on other things, like why can't the Yankees score runs, why can't they stay healthy, why do they suck at situational hitting, and why on earth did they trade for Rougned Odor. I'd rather focus in all of that over Gary.
Another guy who is off to a slowish start...but at least he's on the field? Sad that that's the positive, but it's how it goes. As long as he is on the field, he'll put up numbers when all is said and done. Speaking of numbers, I couldn't turn down a low-numbered Giancarlo numbered to 50 from one of those expensive Topps sets!
Lastly, this isn't a card I needed, really. But Garrett Mitchell seems to have a bright future, and even if he never sniffs the bigs (unlikely...he showed in the spring he's not far off), he dates Haley Cruse. So I admire him quite a lot for that.

Also, this dude graces the back of that same card:
Johnny, thanks for all the fun trade bait Sundays. I'll do my best to keep finding stuff for you to hold up my end of the deal. I'm trying, I promise..


  1. I came across the same thing for the Quarry so I haven't made a claim at all. At least you were able to find something for him!

  2. I sometimes wish I had cards to trade. I'm glad that you're getting cards you desire as well as sometimes getting rid of cards you don't. I think I've heard of that Trout guy.

  3. I just encountered this with him as well. Apparently Johnny's got quite the Rockies collection!