Saturday, May 29, 2021

Staying Melo on Memorial Day Weekend

Man, what a shitty Memorial Day Weekend.

The forecast calls for rain all weekend, as well as record low temps here in New Jersey. This is a very 2020 thing to happen...not 2021! It's especially disappointing after last weekend was in the '90s. The town pool opens today, but no one will be there.

I'm especially bummed because I really needed a nice, relaxing long weekend after a tiring few weeks at work. I guess nothing will stop it from being relaxing, but there's not much to do other than sit inside. I'd rather be out on the patio with a drink and enjoying the weather.

Regardless, I can't control the weather. But I can control my mood. And I hope to stay mellow. Or Melo. Just like my newest basketball card.
I totally missed collecting during Carmelo Anthony's prime, as I not only stopped collecting during many of those years, but stopped buying basketball cards. However, I do like to pick up Carmelo cards here and there, and an autographed card by him is high up on my want list.

For now, I'll grab singles here and there. I especially liked the shiny foil look of this one, plus it shows him in a Syracuse uniform.

I hope your weather is better than mine this weekend. But most importantly, I hope you all can relax and stay Melo.


  1. Good to know that we're not the only ones getting crap weather this weekend.

  2. I'll be relaxing as much as I can (I always try). As for the is nice currently 84 at noon with a breeze.

  3. "This is a very 2020 thing to happen...not 2021!"

    Due to popular demand 2020 has decided to continue indefinitely. Also nice Melo, will never have anything bad to say about him.

  4. My former student just graduated from Syracuse last weekend! Lol. Sorry... I'm sure nobody cares about that, but I'm just a proud teacher. Maybe I should track down a cool Melo card in her honor.

  5. This is the weather we needed last year to curtail the damn virus a bit! We went from having the AC on to needing the heat on! No excuse, though, not to clean the house... Enjoy yourself!