Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cam Newton "Event Worn" jersey card

Today, Topps posted this card on the Facebook page. Upon closer inspection, they actually note that this is an "event worn jersey." Cam obviously hasn't played a game yet, so I appreciate Topps' honesty here. However, with more and more jersey cards being made available, are these types of relic cards muddying the water and making jersey cards less special? I've literally only pulled one jersey card in my life, and all of the others I buy or trade for are special to me. However, they are starting to feel less and less rare as the market becomes saturated with them.

Photo credit: Topps Facebook page
I don't know, part of me wishes jersey/bat/relic cards remained "game used" and provided as much info as possible...what game, season, etc. On the other hand, collectors love to gobble these cards up, so I understand business-wise why the card companies are doing this. What do you guys think?

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  1. I get annoyed with the event-used which are usually just a photo shoot. I wouldn't be surprised if the photo shoot was 1 picture taken just to say it was a photo shoot and to have the jersey worn for a minute before cutting it up.

    And I definitely agree about being way too many jersey cards out there. It used to be great to pull a jersey card out of a pack. Now, you hope for the "Hit" because the jersey cards just don't do anything for you anymore.