Thursday, May 26, 2011

I miss you, ticket stubs

I miss ticket stubs. Nowadays, most tickets are emailed and you print them off, or you scan a bar code on your smart phone and never actually have a ticket in hand. In the last few years, my ticket stub collection had slowed down immensely. Well, I wouldn’t call it a collection and I don’t actively collect them, but if I go to a game and have a ticket, I keep the stub.

A friend of mine actually has a ticket scrapbook and he mounts the ticket and does a short write-up on each game. I guess I could check baseball-reference, but unfortunately I can’t look at a single ticket and recalled what happened unless it’s really of note…like I was at ARod’s 500th homer, so that’s easy…same with Damon’s 6 for 6 game and the 2009 ALCS and World Series Game 6 – both series clinchers. Plus, there are all the side moments of the game to account for…funny quotes, annoying fans, etc that would be fun to document.

Anyways, a while back I had an empty frame laying around, so I took a few random Yankee tickets and arranged them as a wall hanging. There is no rhyme or reason to the tickets that I chose. It’s probably about 25% of the Yankee stubs that I have. It looks pretty cool, and when my friends are over they always look at it, so I know it’s a good conversation piece. If one thing is evident, it’s that actual stubs are cooler than paper printouts of tickets. However, sadly stubs are getting rarer and rarer.


  1. Very cool idea.

  2. I agree - that's a great idea. I've seen that done with other things before, and I might do that with some baseball cards. I format and print out a one-page sheet with the full box score with room at the bottom to glue/tape on the ticket stub. If I have an emailed ticket I just put the sheet on the back side (and do my best to remember printing a second copy).

    I do my best to get the traditional tickets, either by buying soon enough in advance that they can be mailed to me, or buying them at the game. And I end up saving at least $10 in service fees if I just get the tickets at the park.

  3. Back in '76 and '77 when we went to many Angels games, I used to keep score sometimes, and I'd write up something, and paste the ticket in the scorebook. There was this one game where a lady behind us was screaming at the Rangers, saying go home you stinking cattle rustlers, all the while hitting a bell with a stick! It was great. I used to get signatures on the tickets, if it was a rookie or a recent trade and I didn't have his baseball card.