Monday, May 9, 2011

Gypsy Queen group break winnings + wantlist

I participated in the Nachos Grande Gypsy Queen group break, and came away with a whole heap of Yankee cards. It was my first group break and it was a lot of fun. I joined in hopes of getting a Yankee hit, and while I missed out on that fun, I get a TON of base cards, a SP, and a few inserts and minis. I'd like to collect the Yankees team set, as well as a few of the insert cards, so if you can help me out, let me know. My want list will be posted below.

I like the cards a lot. The cardboard has a great feel, and I think the cards are just very classy looking. I haven't seen any of the Bronze or other framed paper cards, so I'll have to reserve judgement on those.

First up, the base cards. I got 15 of the 20 Yankees. Not bad at all. I also have a Burnett coming from Napkin Doon's Big Fun Game, so I really only need about four cards to complete the non-SP base card team set. I'd say out of these base cards, my favorite is the Thurman Munson. The dude always looks like a bad ass. Check out his Great Ones insert as well (above). I never got to see him play, but you can just tell he was a warrior.

 Next up are the minis. I'm indifferent on minis (all minis) - don't love 'em or hate 'em. I probably won't try and collect all these, but I like having a few.

Here are the SP and the inserts. The Gerhig is cool, but why are no people at the game behind him? I love both the Mantle and the Munson The Great Ones. The action shot of Thurm is sweet. Don't even think about running on him. I like the Mantle because of the old sack bases and the soft, puffy dirt. It looks like a sandlot. It's just not like that anymore.

Finally, here are the dupes. I'm well on my way to a second team set!

As for my wantlist, here is what I still need:

Base Set:
17 Teixeria
48 Maris
65 Ruth
199 Andruw Jones

Great Ones:
2 Ruth
13 Gehrig

Home Run Heroes:
9 A Rod
21 Gehrig
23 Mantle

Future Stars:
10 Hughes

Sticky Fingers:
1 Jeter
6 Teixeira

Wall Climbers:
3 Swisher