Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gerrit Cole pick-up

Picking up a Gerrit Cole card is a little bittersweet for me. Back in 2008, the Yanks made Cole their first round draft choice out of high school. Although he had a strong commitment to UCLA, all indications were that Cole would sign if shown the money, something the Yanks intended to do. However, he did a 180 and chose to attend UCLA. It's hard to be mad at a kid for deciding to go to school, but it just shows how hard it is to rely on teenagers and taking their word.

Cole has been very good at UCLA, and projects to be one of the top two picks in this June's draft. I'm nearly certain he'd be in the bigs with the Yanks had he signed back in 2008, and I anticipate him in a big league unform quite soon, maybe even as a September call up.

I found an auction for these two Bowman Platinum cards, so I grabbed them. Hopefully they'll spike in value in a few weeks if he is indeed drafted #1. One is a purple Refractor, one is a regular Refractor #'d to 999.

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