Saturday, May 7, 2011

SportLots credits burning a hole in my pocket

Due to a recent order snafu, I had a few bucks worth of credits to SportLots burning a hole in my pocket. I decided to grab a few Tinos and a few Yankee prospect cards.

There was no rhyme or reason choosing these Tinos other than the fact that I didn't have them and wanted my purchase to come from the same seller. I grabbed a 2004 Lost Years card of Tino on the Rays - a 2004 Heritage. I swear I'm missing a stack of Tinos somewhere because I think I have this. However, when I went through what I had, this apparently wasn't there. I also grabbed a 1993 Flair that had eluded me. These were about the nicest cards ever when they came out, not to mention the most expensive. They game in tiny boxes for crying out loud. The 1998 Topps Gallery Impressions card definitely isn't my favorite of the Gallery sets. Too much foil for Gallery. I also grabbed two Fleer cards - a 2001 Premium (I already had the Ruby version) and the '02 Maximum. Fleer put out a lot of sets in the early 2000's...Maximum, Platinum, Focus, Mystique, Tradition, etc. Yikes.

I also grabbed a bunch of prospect cards...Jesus, Slade, and Manny.

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  1. '93 Flair holds up to this day IMO, just a beautiful design