Monday, May 2, 2011

Tino collection up to date! 505 and counting...

It's taken me waaaay too long to do this, but I've finally updated my Tino Martinez Collection page on my blog. I definitely should have found a better way to organize it, I'm sure there are easier ways.

Anyhow, it was fun to go back through my collection and see all my cards. I counted about 505 different Tino cards, give or take. I'd say about 98% of what I have is listed at the link. I'm sure there are a few oddballs or cards I missed. When going through, I was surprised at how many cards I don't have, especially base cards and parallels. I thought I had the base cards covered, but a lot snuck past me, especially during The Lost Years of the Cardinals and Devil Rays.

If you can help me out with some Tino's that I'm missing, I would be most appreciative. So take a look and let me know!


  1. Nice! you surpassed my Tino numbers. I think I'm somewhere near 400. Send me what you need and I'll see if I have any and send them to you.

  2. Oh made a list of ALL the Tino cards out there?? If I did that for Griffey it would take YEARS! :)

    I'm currently going through stacks and stacks of cards from my old card closet and I have tons of cards from the 90s, so I'll keep an eye out for some Tinos as I go through it!