Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My desk drawer at work...

This is my middle desk drawer at work. It is basically filled with baseball cards and envelopes. My work has nothing to do with baseball cards, but I send a lot of packages and TTM requests from here, so the cards usually sit in that drawer until I move them. In case you are wondering, I don't use work's postage account or supplies for mailings. We have a post office across the street, so I'll prepare everything here and carry it across the street during lunch or on my way home.

It sort of funny. No one at work knows I have this blog. It's not a big deal, I'm not trying to be secretive. I just don't share some things outside the office and this is one of them. What about you guys? Any secrets like my baseball card drawer in my office desk?


  1. HA!

    That is too funny. I actually have a similar drawer (one of the wide ones for hanging folders) that is slowly gathering baseball paraphenalia. We are in the process of moving from house-apartment-house (currently in apartment) so there's no good space at home. Plus, I plan on retrieving the childhood collection from my folks' house later this year (Thanksgiving?) so I'll be able to bring everything together once we move in to the new place. I am really pumped, too, because the new house has a basement (read: man-cave) where I can store, peruse and organize at will without any grief.

    Of course, baby #2 is due in a couple weeks, so I'll be busy for a little while. But it's a boy, so this will all be his one day, anyways.

    Anyways, have been by the LCS a couple times since I was new to town and picked up a couple old sets. These are in the drawer along with my almost complete 2011 GQ set (again, for the boy).

    Now I have some OMLB w/ the usual postage/packagin supplies for TTM ventures in there, too. Busting at the seams here.

    The more I describe this, the more I start to sound crazy to myself......nobody knows around it here, either.

    It's like we're Templar Knights or something, huh?

  2. No secrets know, besides the 200 Gigs of porn on the work computer like everyone else. Besides 200 Gigs isn't even a blip on the radar these days.

  3. Only one person in my life besides me knows I have this blog, and I'm ok with that. Most people don't "get" collecting anyway. I'm not trying to hide it either, I just don't really talk about collecting with anyone in my "real" life.

  4. Zero time to do anything baseball-card wise at work. My desk drawers just have work things.

  5. My blog is a secret known only to my lovely wife. It's kind of fun to have this hidden "side"

  6. Only my wife knows I have this blog - and she essentially named it when I mentioned my plan to start it back in February.

    Other than that, my mom knows about my renewed interest in baseball cards.

    Oh, and I mentioned to some family the other day on Facebook that I was going after a certain set to honor my grandpa in a very small way. I posted about that today of course.

    Actually my daughter, not quite 4, loves it when I'm sitting with her looking through my cards. She talks about them all the time, tells me I should bring them with me when I'm on a trip, likes to look at the funny looking ones. She's particularly amused lately by mustache cards.