Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another epic JBF package

Once every couple of months, I arrive home from work, look in the corner of the table where the mail is set is each day, and see a yellow bubble mailer with the familiar handwriting of Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. For reasons still unknown to me, Wes sends me batch after batch of sweet Yankee cards. It's usually like the ultimate Yankee cards, old cards, oddballs, inserts. Even when there is junk era wax, I turn the card around to see that it's a Topps Traded card that I need.

Each one is truly a joy to go through. I thumb through each package five or six different times, noticing one new thing after the next. Here's a sampling of the latest package Wes sent me:

Wes ALWAYS tracks down Tinos I don't have. Here are two that are new to my collection - a sweet looking SP Authentic, a Topps Magazine card, and a cool bat relic:
Here's a taste of the oddballs. Seriously, this Nestle Gehrig is just too awesome:
The Refractors! I love old schools one, like this Polonia from 1994. That's a special card.
Inserts! I'm actually showing the back of the Mattingly. When I first saw it, I thought it was a regular 1985 Donruss. Turns out, it's a #'d 1985 reprint. The Maris is sweet to. It's got the same texture as a UD Masterpiece.
And lastly, the unexpected non-cards! A few sweet coins, and an amazing Don Mattingly flip book! My two-year-old-son LOVES this. I keep it on his bookshelf now, and he always brings it to me asking me to flip it for him. It's great!
Wes, as always, THANKS!


  1. You're right, that Nestle Gehrig is sweeeeeet.

    Wes is a pretty good dude. Sometimes I think he just has a huge dartboard set up with bloggers names on it and then he picks up a dart and says, "Who's going to get the next PWE/package?" Definitely one of the most generous bloggers out there!

  2. Love the Gehrig. Those Nestle oddballs are awesome!