Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rolling the dice on a player 5-case break

A few weeks ago, while doing my normal round of eBay searches for guys I collect, I stumbled upon an interesting offer. Someone was doing a 5-case break (60 boxes total) of 2013 Bowman Draft. He was selling slots by player, not team. I had never seen this.

I found Ty Hensley, a guy I actively collect, for a fairly low price and put in a bid. If I won, I would receive all the Hensley non-base cards from the break, including Chrome, Refractors, colored parallels, Ice, Waves, printing plates, etc. Not a bad deal with over 1,400 packs being opened, right? Also, did you know people call parallels "colored paper" versions? I didn't, but that's what was listed.

I would NOT receive base cards, or other inserts/autos. Now, the guys who have autos in the sets were going for big $50-$100 per slots...first round guys from 2013. Hensley doesn't have an auto in the set anyways, so it wasn't a very attractive slot to the major mojo-seeking guys. However, I figured out of over 1,400 packs, I would probably score a nice combo of refractors, variations, parallels, etc.

The seller offered combined shipping for just $.50 more per slot, so I nabbed Gary Sanchez too.

So how did I do? Just ok. I didn't score anything major, but did manage two blue parallels of Ty Hensley #'d to 500, plus about 12 Chrome cards. For Gary Sanchez, I scored three regular refractors, and 12 Chrome as well. A little disappointing that I didn't land something a little better, such as a colored refractor or low numbered parallel. I don't love to hoard cards of a guy. I never have been one to want a bunch of the same card, so I have to figure out how to move a few of the Chrome Hensley and Sanchez cards.
Would I do it again? Yes. In fact, I did a week later, and hit a major Ty Hensley jackpot. More to come...



    Liking the Breaks, eh? Very cool! It seems like a great idea for player collectors whose players aren't the top brass. Nice!

    The suspense is killing me on the Ty. This is like the Spring Of Hensley for you!

  2. I've gone this route as well a couple of times through different sellers.
    I made out "okay" in one and was ripped off in another.
    Here's a little more on my negative experience: I did a similar break and was expecting about 25 base cards of each player and some parallels. I ponied up for 8 different players. I was sent 7 to 10 base cards of each player and 4 parallels total. I screamed foul and the seller later sent me about 15 more base cards of each player, but I never did see any more parallels. I later found out through other buyers the guy was trying to also put sets together on the side and sell them. His feedback took a major hit from numerous buyers. I still wonder what happened to the parallels.

    I now only do breaks if it's someone from the blogosphere or the eBay seller shows video of the entire break. Buyer beware, I suppose.