Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Judge

I've mentioned it a few times, but the Yankees had a fantastic 2013 draft. For all the knocks the Yankees system took this past year and off-season, they added three quality first rounders via the draft. Chances are, not all three will pan out. That's how it works. However, that's not going to stop me from hoping.

The first pick, Eric Jagielo, is a polished college 3B who should move quick. I'd be shocked if he doesn't make it to AA Trenton at some point. The 33rd pick was Ian Clarkin, a HS left with three plus pitches. He will move slower and more naturally.

In between those two at #32 was Aaron Judge. This is one massive dude to say the least. He's 6'7" and weighs 255, and put on many powerful batting displays at Fresno State. He's a good OFer and is a pure masher. Who knows if he'll make it, but he could be a potential 40 HR guy if he develops the way the Yanks expect. He'll K a lot, but he should hit for a lot of power too.

Judge made his 2013 card debut in Bowman Draft, and I recently picked up a very affordable lot of his base cards and refractors. That is one bad ass looking dude. If he does make it, teams will have to think twice about throwing at Yankees and starting a brawl...because with The Judge in the other duggout, I'd stay far, far away.


  1. I can see Judge developing into a Dave Winfield like player. He has the tools. Lets see if he develops like the Yankees hope he does.

    Then again, I thought Austin Romine would turn into a Brian McCain type player and we had to out and GET Brian McCain, so what do I know?