Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Jeter Relics

I have a lot of Derek Jeter cards. I haven't taken an official tally, but I'd say I have around 500 different ones, which isn't too bad since he's not a guy I actively collect. That doesn't mean I don't love any and all Jeters I'm sent - I do! I just have never declared myself a Jeter collector. His cards are a bit too pricey to go all in, and I figured I'm better off focusing on smaller named guys and prospects.

While I have a lot of base cards, parallels, and inserts, I really don't have many high-end or premium cards. I do have a few rookies, some nice refractors too. I have two relics, but no autographs. It bugs me. I don't feel like a true Yankees collector because of this. I should just save up my money and instead of spending $5 here and $5 there, put it towards a certified Jeter auto. One day, I'll land one.

In the meantime, here are my two relics. The first is actually a game used World Series base from 2000 Upper Deck HoloGRFX. I collected this entire set, which is actually pretty awesome.
The second is a jersey card. Yeah, I wish it was a home pinstripe, but I'll live. It's a Derek Jeter game worn jersey from Topps Tribute. Very classy card.
And while not a relic, my son does own the infamous 1993 Upper Deck SP Jeter RC. This was sent by the generous Zippy Zappy of Cervin' Up Cards.

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  1. 500 different Jeters and you're not actively collecting? I'm definitely doing something wrong. Great cards. Best of luck tracking down a Jeter autograph. I'm glad I kept the handful in my collection. I almost dumped them back in 2001 when I sold off the bulk of my collection. But for one reason or another, I pulled them out and put them in the keeper box.