Thursday, February 27, 2014

TTM Success: David Phelps

I admit, this was a glutenous request. A few years ago, I got David Phelps to sign a Topps Pro Debut card for me. I wanted his auto on a card of him in an actual Yankees uniform though, so I sent him this 2013 Topps Update, and he returned it signed in 10 days. I love how he scrawls his 'graph all across the card. I think it looks cool.

I could be wrong, but I think this is Phelps first Topps card, which is cool. I'm curious to see what his role on the Yanks will be. He's a capable fifth starter, but may be relegated to a long reliever/spot starter.

Here's my Phelps auto from a few years ago:


  1. I do love players that sign big! Don't be afraid to take up the whole card, I want your auto not to see your face!! Nice. Looks like you've got some choices now for who gets the 2013 spot in the project. I have to send some Brewers out for TTM. One of my favorite new guys, Scooter Gennett, finally has his first flagship card!

  2. While that's most likely Phelps' first Topps card depicting him as a New York Yankee. That's probably not his first Topps card, which I think is probably the Pro Debut one you showed.

    Nice success nonetheless though!

  3. Love the full-card signature approach! Great snag....

    I'm going to hire you as my Spring TTM Director of Strategy and Operations henceforth. We need to right this ship.....