Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hoyle-y Moly!

I won't lie, I laughed a little at my title. Mark Hoyle is becoming one of my favorite collectors involved in the blog world. It's been a month or two since Mark and I first connected. He's done a great job of connecting with bloggers, as I've seen a bunch of happy customers posting cards from him.

Anyhow, Mark sent me another package of great cards. I believe it's the third such package he's sent me. He's taking a vested interest in my son's HOF collection, which is super cool of him. He stressed that a few of the cards in this package were for me too. If you insist, Mark.

First, I'll show a nice little snapshot so you can see that there was plenty of goodness here.
Specifically, here are a few highlights. First off, a Tino I've never seen before. Considering I have over 600 different, that's pretty cool. It's from the 1990 set M.V.P. - Rookies Superstars. I'm not positive if that's the official name, but I've seen it listed as such around the internet. Mark also sent a Roberto Kelly from this set. It's pretty cool to be able to add an oddball like this as my 610th different Tino.
Next, a 1979 TCMA Art Schult. I actually thought this was Mantle when I first saw it. I'll also use this an an excuse to show my 1953 Art Schult TTM autograph.
I also enjoyed this Wade Boggs card. I believe it was from Baseball Card Magazine. I'm pretty sure I've seen that design before...
Now, I already had George Brett in Joey's HOF collection, but I still think this card should be for him, so I tucked it behind the current Brett in Joey's binder (so you could see it on the other side...not hiding it). Like I say, cards for Joey, go to Joey. The Brett post is awesome. Ready for the ball. On his toes. Stirrups. Flip-up sunglasses. Powder blue unis. Good lord, what a great card.
Here are the HOFers I did add to the binder. The LaRussa is awesome! Such a sweet card. I like the Brooks Robinson a lot as well. I'm a bit surprised that it's taken me this long to get Brooks, but the only other card I had of him was in the 1968 Topps Game set. Also, I should put a Mattingly card next to Puckett, because, you know...
Lastly, Mark is looking toward the future. That gave me a good laugh!
Thanks again, Mark! You'll be getting a small thank you in the mail early next week.


  1. I'm envious of that LaRussa. Joey is a Lucky boy!

  2. Great title.. I'm not sure myself what the Tino card is. There rant to many cards out there that show Larrussa as a player. I'll keep on trying to fill that binder.

  3. Harry/Mark strikes again. Great stuff from a great guy. That LaRussa IS sweet!