Saturday, February 15, 2014

Contest winnings from Fuji

San Jose Fuji stole (well, he paid a little money) for some sweet 1996 Pinnacle Denny's sets from a dealer at his local flea market. He was nice enough to hold a contest for one of these sets, and somehow my name came up first. It usually comes up last in contest drawings, so I was definitely happy to win this one.

I had a lot of these cards growing up, as we had an old lady family friend who went to Denny's quite often. She's bring these cards over for me. They were always a blast to open, but I never collected a full set.

The 28-card set is full of big names. The hologram actually is a small video-type clip too. You can see a players complete swing, slide into a base, or in Ozzie Smith's case, complete back flip. It's a little different than their holograms of year's past.
I tried to scan so that you could see a snippet of the photo. Regardless, a truly awesome set from a truly awesome blogger. Thanks, Fuji!


  1. Glad the set arrived safely. Lol... actually it was a card show (for once). I've been in sort of a flea market slump as of late :(

    Although I'm going to try to break out of it this morning. Thanks for participating in the contest!

  2. do you have extras? I am missing 3 from the set. my blog has them listed . I cant remember off top of my head. I think its Maddux, Seitzer and jeff king

  3. Great! When I said Jeff King, I meant Jay Bell, got my Pirate IFers mixed up. I probably have some random Yankee cards for you in exchange. some random inserts including Ruth, Gehrig, plus more recent players. I have some yankee stadium legacy inserts, and 2001 ud legends of ny base cards(bought a box back then..never tried for a set)
    more of my wantlist is on my blog. also, looking at your site, In your HOF selection. Maury Wills isnt one. I have been working on a HOF collection myself.

    1. Derek - shoot me an email: thelostcollector AT gmail DOT com. I'll gladly send the Seitzer your way if you send me your address.

      And yes, I find out about Wills after I bought I had incorrectly thought he was a HOFer. However, I figured it's a cool card of a good player, so it can stay despite being inaccurate.

  4. Congratulations, those Denny's sets are pretty cool.