Tuesday, February 18, 2014

eBay Dollar Value Menu

Living in NYC for seven years, and now just across the Hudson in Hoboken for the past year, "value menus" infuriate me. For whatever reason, NYC fast food establishments do not need to honor the national promotion. I never understood it. What makes this area of the world so special that deals don't apply to them? Even in the commercial promos, the fine text would read "Offer not valid in Manhattan." Look, I'm not a fast food junkie, but when Big Macs are on sale for $1 each, I might want one. Except here, they aren't. Even the McDonald's Dollar Menu is basically the $1.49 menu.

Just last two week, two instances of this reared it's ugly head. First off, my mom was in town visiting, and she had seen the McDonald's commercial running that offers any sized iced coffee for $1. She went into my McDonald's here in NJ, ordered a large iced coffee, and it rang up $2.17. She said, "isn't it a dollar? I just saw a commercial this morning." The employee answered, "Oh, not here." Not here? Because we're so damn rich here? Because of the massive tariffs to import McDonald's to the tri-state area?

Then, we were bringing Dunkin' Donuts to my kid's daycare for their Valentine's Day party. We stopped in DD's to grab his teachers a half dozen and take advantage of the six donuts for $3.99 deal. We pick out our six, and guess what? Not $3.99. Come on.

One reason I love eBay is because they can't discriminate against where I live. Deals are deals. A seller can't jack up the price just because of my geographic location. I'm sure some would if they could.

Anyhow, for $1.02 total from the same seller (including shipping), I got the following cards.

The first set me back exactly $.30, and it's a Michael Pineda I needed. A numbered parallel of a guy I collect for $.30? That just doesn't happen.
The second, I didn't really need, but I put in a low bid and won it. For $.72 shipped, I got this 2013 Topps Pink Austin Romine #'d/50. I had never even seen this color variation, and winning a Yankee #'d/50 for just $.72, regardless of the player, is a nice win.
Next time you're at a McD's and chowing a double cheeseburger from the dollar menu, think of me, and how that exact meal would probably cost me double just because of where I live. Savor it. Every bite.


  1. That seems to be the problem with a lot of things in and around world class cities. As far as the fast food thing goes, if they're privately owned franchises rather than corporate owned then I think the menu pricing from corporate is more of a suggestion than a requirement. Obviously they couldn't get away with charging stadium type pricing where there is a 400% or more markup. But as long as people keep paying the higher price they'll keep charging it.

  2. How is the greater NYC area going to keep their hard-earned reputation of overcharging for everything if they start offering deals?

  3. A pink parallel for under a dollar, way better then a big mac!

  4. I can commiserate about the dollar menu, or the $5 footlong. None of that national advertising matters up here in Alaska either. Dollar Menu? More like $2 menu, $5 footlong, more like 6 or 7 dollar footlong. But for the most part I get to take advantage of ebay the same way, except of the few nitwits who can't seem to figure out it costs the same amount to ship something first class up here as to their neighbor down the street. Although UPS and FedEx up here is a joke. Nice pick ups!

  5. That's a sweet deal on the pink card. And it makes me sad to hear that you don't get to participate in a true dollar menu. That is not right.

  6. I suffer from the lack of value menus as well but I've learned to live with it after learning how many years that junk has taken away from my life.