Friday, May 16, 2014

A must for the prospect collector

I really didn't consider my Ty Hensley collection as 'serious' until I picked up the above card - his 2012 Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph. I had the base auto, but the Refractor is a must-have for any prospect collector. I got it for about $6, and it should cost a lot more than that. I got lucky. When Ty is in the Bigs pitching shutouts for the Yanks, this card is going to be highly sought after. You watch.

While I'm talking Ty Hensley, here are a few more recent additions. I'm doing very well with 2013 Bowman Draft half-assed attempt for a rainbow. This Red Wave Refractor is #'d 20/25, and is one of the nicer looking colored Wave Refractors in the set.
And here's a simple Bowman Platinum Purple Refractor I didn't have.

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  1. It's hard enough for me to pull the trigger on autographs of A's and Padres prospects, but I hope things work out for Hensley.