Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I wish every day was Opening May

Without a doubt, the most enjoyable product I've opened this year is Opening Day. I've never been a huge fan of it in the past, as it's annoying to basically add the same exact cards (minus foil) to your collection. The inserts never appealed to me much either.

This year, I've had a change of heart. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I appreciate that they are $.99 a pack and a blaster costs $9.99, unless you are Night Owl.

Maybe it's that the inserts bring me back to the '90s and my early collecting days. There are flames and colors and illustrated cards.

The blue parallels are some of the finest looking cards this year, as well. They are gorgeous.
I bought a blaster a few weeks ago and didn't pull much, but still enjoyed opening the cards. So much so, that I recently made a Target run for the new baby girl (diapers, wipes, etc), and I treated myself to five packs. Five packs, and it was $5. That's refreshing, both on my wallet and my brain. As a father of two small children, I feel slightly less guilty when I only spend $5 on cards for myself.

What did I pull? A few really nice cards, including the Derek Jeter and Matt Harvey blue parallels shown above. Honestly, although #'d to a whopping 2014, I think this may be the first #'d Jeter I've ever pulled from a pack. No joke.

Here's the best of the rest. I'll definitely be buying more of these to satisfy the pack-busting need.


  1. That King Felix Breaking Out card is a psychedelic eye-fryer.

  2. Let me know if you go for the set. I have a ton of doubles of the base set and the inserts minus the mascots.

    1. Thanks! I'll let you know. I'm not much of a set collector though.