Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Real Heritage

The other day, I picked up this card for $1.84 shipped. It's in rough shape, but it's a great card from the set that has inspired this year's Topps Heritage set. And Mantle is in there somewhere. Score!

After it arrived, I googled this year's Yankees team card to compare the two. I was surprised to see that there wasn't one. Seems like a miss by Topps, who does a pretty good job in making sure that Heritage has a lot of the subsets and quirks from the original set.

So why aren't team cards included? My hunch is that Topps releases Heritage so early in the season that team photos aren't available yet. Not sure if that's why, but it seems logical. Still pretty surprising to me though, and I think it would have been cool if Topps had a wrapper redemption or some other promotion later in the season for the team cards.

Another cool option would be to release the cards in series.

What do you think? Bummer to not have team cards? Or no big deal?


  1. Very cool card.. I really like the 65 set

  2. LOL... that reply got FUBARed but the link works.

  3. I miss team cards with actual team photos. Topps flagship team cards have devolved into action photos that are too close to single player cards. You have to really read the name to figure out it's the team card. (And for that you have to tilt it into the light - stupid silver foil). I'd even settle for the twin portrait team leaders designs from the early eighties....