Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hoyled again!

It's becoming a major thing. Collectors around the country are being Hoyled on a regular basis.

I've been the victim several times, and each time is always a great experience. Here's the latest group of treasures that came my way in a PWE:

The card gods are telling me to put together the 1973 Topps set. I have a lot of singles, although I suppose I should start with the Yankees team set. I have the Munson already, which is the toughest card in the Yankees checklist. I have a few others, although I definitely did not have these two that Mark sent me:
Oh man. Two things. Awful airbrush job on the Nettles. Truly bad, but still a sweet card. And the Murcer, man I love Bobby. I wish I got to see him play.

Next up, a cool Wally Pipp Conlon Collection. I was really surprised to see that the card made no mention to being "Pipped" - Wally's role in Lou Gehrig's career.I also didn't know he was a HR champ.
And lastly, a cool Wade Boggs from a very underrated Studio set.
As always, thanks Mark!

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  1. Glad you could use them. Let me know what else you need from 73.. Did you get my other little package