Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JBF Epic Boxes: Packs 9-10

Two more of SIXTEEN total team bags that Jaybarkerfan sent me in his epic flat rate boxes full of Yanks. We are now on to box #2!

Here is how Pack 9 unfolded:

First up, another Mattingly oddball. I love his follow through on the swing. These KMart cards were always a favorite growing up. I feel like they came in a small box, like a deck of cards would. Can anyone confirm that?
A pair of Jeters I didn't have, nor had I seen. These were from my non-collecting years, so I appreciate the enlightenment.
And the card of the pack? It was tough choosing this, but I liked the cloth stickers a lot from 2012 Archives. I had actually traded this one away to someone who needed it, so the card karma gods hooked me back up.
Total cards in pack: 43
Running total: 308

Pack 10

Spoiler alert! Packs with a relic may contain less cards!

But first, this should be called the Topps Traded pack. There were near team sets of both 1986 and 1989 Topps Traded. From '86, all that was missing was Lou Piniella. From '89, two cards were missing: Bye Bye Balboni and Leon Sandcastle. Question - why were the backs of Topps Traded cards always lighter in color? To differentiate?
Next, a few cards from one of my all-time favorite sets (no joke): Tristar Projections. I love the look of the set. The scan doesn't do it justice, but the white is stunning. I love getting these cards signed too. They look awesome. Almonte is currently helping the Yanks as a 5th OFer.
Ugly Tino alert!!!! Circa!!! AHHHH!
Ok, for as bad as Circa was, Upper Deck SP was usually pretty classy. This Paul O'Neill is no different.
Here's the relic! It's also the card of the pack. Why? Simple! It's a Tino relic I didn't have. This one is super cool. It's from 2003 Stadium Club, and I love how the bat is shaped like the state of Florida, where Tino was born. Very, very cool card, and not just because it's one I needed! I appreciate when companies try to back a relic an odd shape. Helps make it more interesting.
Total cards in pack: 38
Running total: 346


  1. Correct call on the KMart cards. Looked just like a deck of cards. I pulled one out of a repack box a year or so ago. It was way cooler to see the box it came in, still in the celo, than the cards within.

  2. The Traded card backs weren't always lighter in color. The first two years (1981-82), Topps used the same card stock as the base set. Then, they changed over to lighter card stock.

  3. I like that Tino bat card. Never seen that one before.

  4. I hope Paul Konerko didn't get a spot in that "Born in the USA" set. He was born in Rhode Island, so that would've been one small bat piece. That Tino is pretty neat, though, definitely one of the most well-designed relics I've ever seen.