Monday, May 19, 2014

The finest mistery on Listia

Or the Mystery Finest, that is. For less than 500 credits (429 actually) on Listia, I was able to add a new Tino card that I didn't have.
This particular card is a 1998 Topps Mystery Finest Bordered Refractor. I never really understood the "mystery" portion. I think the cards may have come with a film that covered them, and you had to peel it back to reveal the card? They also came bordered and borderless, and refractor and refractorless. The '90s!

Either way, I needed it, and won it for a decent price, credits-wise.


  1. Maybe the mystery is why there is a huge holographic baseball about to swallow up Tino? Looks like it already ate his bat and is going after him... OR maybe you are right and there was some kind of film that covered the card keeping the identity of the player a mystery.... Oh here it is from another blogger yeah it was some kind of masking gimmick.

  2. Nice Listia purchase! I pulled several different Mystery Finest cards back in the 90's. It was always fun to reveal who you pulled.