Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pretty cool, Topps

On social media, Topps is pretty active. Sometimes they do annoying things, like showing pictures of products I can't afford (personal problem, I know). But other times, they do really generous things, like product giveaways.

One thing I found particularly cool that they've been doing is letting fans choose a photo for a future card. In this instance, Yangervis Solarte is going to be featured in Topps Update. On Instagram, Topps is letting fans vote between two photos. It's a small thing, but it's cool none the less. It's not going to have a major impact on sales, but fans enjoy choosing things and having a voice, whether it's All-Star team balloting, choosing a new mascot, or in this case, baseball cards.

Social media is there for that purpose. To create and engage in social conversation. In this instance, Topps is doing a very good job in connecting with fans and giving them a small say in a future product. I'll certainly remember this when I do end up with the Yangervis Solarte RC in 2014 Topps Update.

Here are the two options. I like the second one:


  1. And here I thought Topps was just going to photoshop a photo of Solarte back when he was with the Twins. Very cool.

  2. That is cool and I agree, the second one.

  3. Kudos to Topps! Both shots are pretty cool. I'd probably go with #1 as an inaction, landscape shot.