Saturday, May 17, 2014

JBF Epic Boxes: Pack 8

Let's rip another team bag full of Yanks from the Jaybarkerfan Epic Boxes!

Bernie Williams bats leadoff! I love older Bernie cards. He was such a nerd. The 1990 Topps is his RC.
Ring of Honor cards are pretty cool. The design is a little dark, but I really think it's a strong concept for a set.
ODDBALLS! How amazing are these?! These are some amazing Hostess cards. I love that Steve Kemp was included for the Yanks. It may be my only Yankees card of him, some to think of it. Don Baylor's facsimile signature on this card is a lot nicer than the one he actually signs cards with.
And the card of the pack? Jeets saluting the crowd after another milestone! This was when he became the Yanks all-time hit king.
Total card in pack: 42
Running total: 265


  1. I think I used to have a Bernie Williams card with him wearing a pair of HUGE glasses. It was the first thing you'd notice.