Friday, May 30, 2014

Bob Walk the Planksui

Back in April, Matthew over at Bob Walk the Plank sent me a bunch of Yanks in a trade. I, in turn, dumped a few Pirates on him. Some of the most awesome cards Matt sent were Hideki Matsui cards, which is awesome because I love 'Sui and he's underrepresented in my collection. Especially relics.

Matt took care of that. Here are two Matsui relics. The first one is awesome. Check out the upper right hand corner. Do you see that that is?? YEAH, A PATCH. Now, I don't think this counts as a patch, but damn, so close. What could have been!
Here is another Matsui relic, and an insert #'d 18/50.
There were a bunch of other great cards, and here are my favorites of the rest. Matt, it was a pleasure. I already have some stuff pulled for you.

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