Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rockin' Robin! Tweet tweet

 On Listia, I stole this sweet 1962 Topps Robin Roberts. I got it for way too cheap. I had seen an oddball card or two with Roberts as a Yankee, but nothing from Topps. I just didn't know it existed.

Now, I believe if you look closely, you can still see red pinstripes, but they are pretty subtle. Topps also didn't do a crappy airbrush job on a cap. They simply showed Robins well-maintained mane.

Roberts never did pitch for the Yankees, but it's very unique to have this card of a Hall of Famer, on your team, who never actually played for your team. Any other instances of that happening? I'm sure there are, but none off the top of my head.


  1. If Jack Morris ever makes the Hall...there is at least one card (maybe 2, working off memory here) showing him in a Reds uniform.

    JT, The Writer's Journey

  2. In hockey, Jacques Lemaire of the Habs was airbrushed into a Sabres uniform, and then the trade never happened. Dale McCourt of the Red Wings was awarded to the Kings but never reported. His card that year shows him in the Kings uniform and the OPC favourite "Now with Red Wings" script in the corner.

    Jose Canseco has an Expos card.

  3. Oh this card. I can remember finding it and doing a double-take.

    "Robin Roberts? Yankees? But that's not a Yankees uniform....and I don't remember him playing for the Yankees....."

    Which, of course, resulted in the usual research project. I was sad to see that he never made it out of camp with our guys, but hey - whatcha gonna do.

    A great card!

    I have GOT to start Listia-ing.....