Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TTM Success: Ty Hensley

Fate is funny thing. Last night, I posted my Q&A with Ty Hensley, Yankees 2012 first rounder. It's been highly viewed and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback, so thank you.

Anyhow, I posted the Q&A at about 6pm, and shut my computer down for the day. I headed out into the bitter NYC cold, tried not to step in too much slush with my black dress shoes, and headed home, which is about a 45 minute commute (although it's only about three miles total...ahhh, NYC!).

When I got home, I found two envelopes on my dining room table for me. The first was a bubble mailer of a card I won on Listia for a trade I'm working on. The second, was a SASE in my familiar hand-writing. I was pretty excited, since I just sent out a couple over the last few days, and this is EARLY for a spring training success.

I opened the envelope, and out came this:
Boom! A signed Ty Hensley Bowman Draft Rookie Card. The same card his mom mentioned yesterday as being her favorite! See, I saw on Twitter about two weeks ago that Ty had already made the trek to spring training, so I figured I'd send him a request in hopes of beating the TTM traffic. It worked! A week later, the new crown jewel to my Hensley collection is here. I do have three of his certified autos, but honestly, this is cooler.

And to further prove how awesome this kid is, my card came back in a top loader. I don't send me TTM cards out in a top loader. I send them unprotected so that the player doesn't have to deal with a case. So Ty was nice enough to put this card in a top loader for me before returning it.
Just amazing. Thanks, Ty!