Sunday, February 2, 2014

Grabbed a 2014 hanger box just to say I did

Yesterday, the family unit and I hit up Target for a few household items. I had every intention of grabbing a jumbo pack as my sampling of 2014 Topps, but there were none to be had. Ugh! So I grabbed three packs out of the gravity box, but then I realized instead of paying $6+tax for 36 cards, I might as well just pay $9.99 for a hanger and get 72 cards. So I put the packs back and did just that.

My first card was a base card of Joey Votto, which is a solid first guy to pull. Otherwise, the pack wasn't very spectacular. I did get both Mariano Rivera cards, which was cool. I also got the usual assortment of inserts and parallels that you'd expect in a hanger, including this Yellow Evan Longoria:
I wanted to like these yeller ones, but I'm just sort of indifferent on them. I don't hate them, but it also didn't excite me. I got one of the Red Hot Foil (I think that's their name) card of Jim Henderson, and I also wanted to like those, but between liquorfractors a few years ago and the emerald foil from last year, I'm just a tad bored with them. I do love the blue sparkles ones from the wrapper redemption program though. With that being said, I do still want the Yanks.

A few of the inserts I got are already on eBay, including the Longoria. My hope is to make the $10 back total. We'll see. I think I can do it. I already sold the Carlos Beltran Super Veterans insert for $2, so I'm making my way.

And then, my 2014 Series One Yankees team set that I ordered on eBay arrived today too, so I had a solid day of Series One. There are a few guys in the Series One set that I'm hoping will sign TTM and continue my Topps Yankees project for another year.

Hope everyone enjoys the game tonight!

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