Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Maris finds its way home

I don't know why, but I've been snagging some Roger Maris cards on the cheap lately. I'm not sure if there just isn't much demand, or the fact that he doesn't carry the same appeal that some of his Yankee teammates and vinatage stars of the '50s-60s. Regardless, adding his cards to my collection is important. Although he isn't in the HOF (bogus given his place in the game's history), in my eyes he still shares a place in the hobby next to guys like Mantle, Yogi, Whitey Ford, and Phil Rizzuto. In fact, Maris cards are a bit more expensive (in my observation), than Whitey Ford, a no doubt HOFer.

My most recent pick up cost me about $4 total, and it's in pretty damn good shape for a '64. The surface is a bit worn, but there are no creases. I consider that a victory.

I still have a few more Roger Maris cards to pick up, but I'm loving the fact that I've picked up so many over the past year or so.


  1. Nice pick-up! I don't see his '64 card much but I sure like it. Pinstripes, batting cage, Stadium upper deck background, classic Yankee card.

    While I might disagree on his H-O-F credentials there is no doubt he is very much a star worth collecting!

  2. Rxcellent get. I'll have to get one of those myself.

  3. '64 Maris for $4? Sold! Great pickup A.J.