Monday, October 20, 2014

Purple and blue - my arm and my cards

Last week, I got a flu shot. No big deal. I've gotten them the past few years since I became a dad and my kid (now kids) are walking germs. I say that in a nice way, of course.

What was weird is that this year, my arm bruised like hell after the shot. I'm talking baseball-sized black, blue, and purple. It looks like I took a Randy Johnson fastball to bicep. It's now in that ugly green and yellow phase. I've never had that sort of reaction to a shot. It was odd, for sure.

Similarly, my newest Ty Hensley cards share these characteristics. Behold, #'s 39 and 40 in my Hensley PC. That Purple Ice is so, so pretty. #'d 9/10 too! The blue, while pretty in it's own right, is #'d to 99.


  1. Hope that bruise heals soon man.
    And nice pickups. You might finish the rainbow before me.

    1. You have the Superfractor! I can't compete with that.

  2. I got the flu shot, too. The guy who gave it too me was bragging about his technique and how you can't really feel the needle going in. He was right, I didn't feel a thing, but it also left a good-sized bruise.

    Still totally worth it if I don't get the flu.

    The purple ice is sharp. Nice get.