Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thank you, JBF

In case you haven’t heard, Wes of Jaybarkerfan’s Junk is hanging up his blogging keyboard (?) for a while. There is an inkling that it might not be permanent, and let’s hope that is the case.

I know a lot has been said over the past few weeks (and years), but I wanted to reiterate what a generous and overall great dude Wes is. I am sure he’s given away far, far more cards than he has ever received in return. For every PWE I’ve sent Wes over the past few years, I’ve basically gotten a flat rate box back.

Wes also paid attention. I probably mentioned once or twice that I am a Bengals fan (long story), and he took note. Nearly every package since has included a few Bengals cards. While I’m not a football collector, per se, I do enjoy receiving cards of my favorite team. I know have a pretty sweet Bengals collection.

Beyond Bengals there always seems to be a Tino or a Pineda tucked into packages Wes sends as well.

It’s guys like Wes that really keep me interested in the hobby.

Wes, I’ll miss seeing your blog posts. You always tried new things, like The World Cup of Trading, and you always made for a fun read. Hope to read more of your stuff soon!

I am about three boxes behind in showing off some stuff Wes sent, but those will be shown in due time. Here’s a few sweet cards from a (not so) recent bubble mailer JBF sent me awhile back.

Let's start with some shiny. That Ruben Rivera Atomic Refractor is just sweet. The Bernie Williams Refractors are actually two cards that look exactly the same but are serially numbered to different print runs.
Moose batting! This is the first time I saw this Gold Label set. Always felt like a classy product.
Closter and Cumberland vintage! Two solid last names.
And the aforementioned Bengals. I’m a big David Pollack fan. He was a great Bengals draft pick, but suffered a neck injury in his second year that ended his career. Now he’s solid on ESPN.


  1. I think a majority of the blogosphere is like yourself: about three boxes behind showing off Wes' stuff. I know I fall into that category!

    Wes must keep incredible notes, but he hits all of my PC guys with each package as well. He's such an incredibly generous member of our little section of the blog world.

  2. Wes will definitely be missed.

    I'm also a huge David Pollack fan from his days as one of the best college defensive players ever at the University of Georgia. He and his childhood pal David Greene helped my Bulldogs win their first SEC title since Herschel. I had a secretary at that time whose son had played peewee football with the two Davids, and for Christmas she got me a signed autograph from the two of them. Best Christmas Gift ever!

  3. Wes is like the Santa Claus of our blog world. He knows what everyone collects and if they've been good, he's not afraid to shower us with cardboard.

  4. Wes keeps an eye out on your collection that is for sure. The packages I've received from him always hit the mark.