Friday, November 14, 2014

Dishes and (printing) plates

In less than two weeks, my dinner plate will be stacked with turkey. And mashed potatoes. And stuffing. And everything else.

I might even help do the dishes afterward. Just kidding.

See, I hate doing the dishes. I do have a dishwasher, but it's crap. Living in an apartment, I don't own my dishwasher, and have to deal with whatever piece of crap is included in the place, if at all. My current dishwasher looks nice and was new with my unit, but it's cheap. It leaves spots all over the dishes like in the commercials.

My wife and I are house hunting right now (no where near a purchase), but I can effectively say that one of my first home purchases will be a nice, shiny dishwasher THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

But some plates don't annoy me, because they don't need to be cleaned. I'm talking about printing plates.
I picked up two printing plates last week. This Ty Hensley 2013 Bowman Draft is my first Hensley 1/1. I'm actively chasing this rainbow, and checking off the 1 of 1 box is a great feeling. I know I'll never own the Superfractor, and might not even ever find another printing plate from this set, so I pounced.

I also grabbed a 2012 Bowman Michael Pineda black printing plate. It's my second Pineda 1/1, but first plate. I got a great deal on it.
Ok, enough chit chat. I have a sink full of dishes I have to wash.


  1. Nice plates!

    Good luck on the house hunt. I think my wife and I walked through about ten houses before we found one we liked.

  2. I'll echo what Matt said about the house hunt -- good luck with it.

    He's lucky, though, that Morgantown is a smaller city than, say, Atlanta. My wife and I walked through about 50 to 70 houses and put in three different offers before we finally got the house that we have now!

  3. Congrats on the awesome plates. You might find the super in your collection one day. You'll never know.

  4. Good luck with the house hunt (and you never know - maybe the rest of the printing plates will turn up.)

  5. Good luck on the house hunt. Nice additions

  6. What kind of tableware goes with printing plates? Happy House Haunting, uh hem....Hunting.