Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PCs and Tweets

I haven’t been shy around these parts on how awesome Ty Hensley is. From his TTM generosity, to his mother answering a few questions on my blog, Ty has quickly become my favorite player in baseball. Add that to the fact that he’s a former first round pick of the Yankees with massive potential to be a rotation anchor, and it’s a no-brainer for me to collect his cards.

In one of my Twitter show and tells, I featured three new Hensley cards that all arrived on Halloween. As he has been known to do, Ty replied to one of my Tweets, which was cool, even despite my bad Halloween joke which should have turned him off.
Hey, if making his big league dream come true wasn’t enough motivation, he now has the added pressure of making it so that my card collection can continue to flourish. I’m sure that will drive him all off-season.

Oh yeah, the cards. Here are the other two brand new Hensleys (the Red Ice above is new as well), bringing my total to 43 unique cards, not counting dupes and whatnot. I’m hoping to hit 50 before the end of the calendar year.


  1. Don't be shy about promoting Hensley man. Just look at how I big-up Torrens all the time ;).

  2. That is pretty cool! You didn't realize your blog has the power to drive people to the major leagues.