Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Jedi Jersey

A few days ago, I got a PWE in the mail from Jedi Jeff of 2x3 Heroes. I figured it was one of Jeff’s usual PWE mailings, but this one contained just one card:
Sweet, a jersey card of Yankees starting pitcher Adam Warren! The note attached said that at some point long ago, I made a comment about this card on Jeff’s blog. I don’t remember doing it, but Jeff is a Jedi and if he says it happened, it happened. I must’ve inquired but never followed up. Jeff was nice enough to remember and sent it my way, and I’m happy to have it!

It hails from Panini America's Pastime. I like the look of the card, overall. I think Panini did a nice job with the design, given that they can't show logos and all. I like these RC logos more than the official MLB one, actually. The jersey swatch is gray, but it's a nice size. plus, Warren is shown in road gray. I like it when the picture matches the jersey color. The card is numbered to 125 as well.

I wish I scanned the back. It's quite funny. Panini calls the Yankees the "popular team that plays in the Bronx." Just funny to see them work around calling them the "Yankees."

Thanks, Jeff!


  1. That set has some really nice cards, but the price was way too high. They tried to entice people to buy it by offering a book card in every box. The bad thing was that the book cards were weird combinations of players and often plain white jersey pieces.

    I've cherry picked some Jordy Mercer cards and picked up the Gerrit Cole/Zach Wheeler book auto. It is a great set to cherry pick cards off of eBay.

  2. Jeff is a great guy to trade with, definitely.

    I'm with Matt on the set though. Panini's price point was way off base -- there are just too few good cards to justify buying it to me.

  3. "Jeff is a Jedi and if he says it happened, it happened."

    The Jedi has manipulated you with his Jedi Mind Trick. I shall free you from his vile voodoo using my mastery of the dark side of the force.