Monday, March 7, 2016

SuperTraders #4: Bob Walk The Plank

SuperTraders packages are coming in faster than I can post about them, but that's ok! I love it. I did some sorting over the weekend breaking cards out into team lots. It's a great way to get rid of excess inventory!

On Saturday, I got two beauties in the mail from my pal Matthew over at Bob Walk The Plank. While it was "just" two cards deep, they were really nice.

The first that fell out is protected by one of those thick, tamper-proof plastic cases from Topps Tribute. Rarely do I get a card from this high-end of a set, and it did not disappoint. Feast your eyes on a flawless, on-card, shiny David Cone autograph. Ooooh man, is that nice. Numbered to just /199, the signature is great. Really classy card design too. Wow, I like this.
Despite the no license issue, Panini has been putting out some nice products over the last few years. They also have a nice, Refractor-type technology they put on select cards. Sometime it feels a little off on guys from the past, but I think it works well here:
Joe D #'d to just 75. What a pretty card. So nice I don't even notice the lack of an NY on there!

Matthew, I've got some stuff set aside for you that I look forward to sending your way. Thanks for these two awesome cards!