Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When 11 for 100 is a good average

If you're a .110 hitter in the majors, you're not good. In fact, you are probably used to riding buses in the minors, because someone hitting .110 doesn't last very long, unless your name is Stephen Drew.

But when you're a player collector, and you buy a lot of 100 cards of your favorite player, and you end up with 11 you needed out of the 100 cards, that's surprisingly good.

For the most part, I don't buy large lots of my PC guys. It ends up always being dupes. While this was no different, this seller had 100 Tino cards for $.99 + $3 shipping. I decided to take a shot and was the only bidder. I figured if I came away with a few new ones, I'd be pleased. I have to say that 11 exceeded my expectations. Additionally, many of them were Cardinals cards, and I actually am missing a ton from those years.
All in all, I'd have to say it was a pretty good deal, and was a fun lot to sort through despite not needing 89 of the cards.

I won't be doing this again anytime soon, but overall, not a bad experience.


  1. I pretty much avoid all Pirate lots because of the dupes. Much better luck with WVU lots.

    Glad you got 11 new cards. That is a good day!

  2. Topps Chrome from the mid-2000's is like the hardest thing to find in this hobby.