Monday, July 11, 2016

TTM Success: John Flaherty

This is one I was hoping to get back! (and also a reason why Topps Total was awesome...when else would a backup catcher be in a set?)

John "Flash" Flaherty signed my card in 25 days c/o Yankees. He spent three seasons in the Bronx as the team's backup catcher, and even became Randy Johnson's personal catcher for a while in NY.

Flaherty is now currently a broadcaster on YES, and I find him to be very good. While he isn't necessarily funny or the most personable guy, his analysis tends to be very good and straightforward. He brings the catcher's perspective to the game, and always makes solid points.

For his career, he spent 14 season in the Majors, mostly with the expansion Devil Rays. He was primarily a backup, although had a few solid seasons as a starter for the Tigers, Padres, and D-Rays.

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