Saturday, July 8, 2017

Walk-ing to the mailbox

Ahh, the Bob Walk The Plank puns!

When I got back from vacation, I had an unexpected bubble mailer from Matt over at The Walk. He mentioned in a note he found something he thought I'd like, and well, he was right.

The package contained three cards, but each was pretty great.
The first is this cool Carlos Beltran relic from 2015 Topps Tribute. It celebrates one of Beltran's Player of the Week wins, as the jersey spells out "Player of the wk". It's cool that there are three pinstripes, although I would have liked to see them spaced out evenly. The card is numbered to 36, which was Beltran's number in NY.
Clint! I love this healthy-sized jersey swatch from one of Frazier's minor league stops. It's definitely my first Frazier relic of any kind. Matt sent this before Frazier got called up. Hopefully he didn't regret it once Clint homered in his first game, although he's gone a little cold since then.
Lastly, Matt found this very cool relic of AL ALL-STAR(!) Luis Severino. If you hold told me he'd be an All-Star this year after last year's messy season, I wouldn't have believed you...unless you told me he was a reliever all year. Yet as a starter, Sevy has excelled, and has given the Yanks something to look forward to for the next few years.

I'm uncertain where in the minors this relic is actually from, as I don't recognize the colors. Zippy Zappy and I both guess Charleston at some point for a minor league promotional night.

Matt, these three cards are excellent. Thanks for thinking of me.


  1. Frazier gone a little cold? Ha, you need to update this post now!

    1. Uhh yeah. I wrote this post Wednesday and scheduled it. Oops!

  2. I am shocked that Severino is an All-Star. I really thought he would become a busted prospect. That's some pretty good collection of relics.