Saturday, July 1, 2017

Welcome to The Show, Clint Frazier

The newest Baby Bomber is set to make his ML Debut tonight. Highly-touted prospect Clint Frazier will bat 9th and play RF tonight.

The reason for Frazier's promotion stinks. It's largely because of the the freak, gruesome injury to Dustin Fowler. That shouldn't take away from Frazier's accomplishments. He was next in line and deserving in his own right, it's just too bad it didn't come under different circumstances.

Hopefully he adds a jolt to the Yankees offense right now, as they are missing the bats of Starlin Castro, Matt Holiday, and Aaron Hicks (never thought I'd say that). It would be cool if he came up and raked, although it will likely be just a cup of coffee for now.
I finally got my first Frazier card of him as a Yankee. I assume his card prices will start skyrocketing (even more than they have been), but I'd happy to take any off your hands, including of him as a Cleveland Indian.

Best of luck, Clint. Take the City by storm.

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