Monday, September 16, 2019

The march to 900 Tinos

Over the last 4-6 weeks, I've managed to add a decent amount of new Tino Martinez cards to my collection. An eBay seller popped up who keeps listing Tinos - most of which are serially numbered - for $.99. In many cases, I've been the lone bidder, re-affirming that I don't have much competition for Tino cards outside of really rare cards and autographs.

I keep considering messaging the seller to see if he has more and wrap them up in a single purchase, but I feel like I've been doing well bidding on them.

My favorites of the bunch are probably these Pacific Paramounts parallels. There's no real reason, other than I just like Pacific a lot, and I like the foil shine.
Speaking if shine, Donruss Stat Lines fit the bill. These are both season and career versions:
There were a bunch of Tino from his lost years with the Cardinals:
And one from the dreaded time where he was in a Yankees uniform, but featured the logo of another team.
This wasn't from the same seller, but it's one I needed from Collector's Choice. I paid more than I wanted because I didn't notice the $3.99 shipping charge. Oops.
All in all, this leaves me at 898 different Tinos. 900 is so close! With Tino popping up in so many 2019 products, I'll be there in no time!


  1. After the first couple only sold for $0.99, one would think that the seller would just group the rest of them together and slap a BIN on them, they'd probably make more money that way. And don't you just love $3.99 shipping for a single card ($4.99 is even better)? It's one of the reasons I'm hardly ever looking at cards on eBay anymore.

  2. Congrats on the new additions. I have encountered similar situations where sellers keep listing cards I need with low prices. I know you love the Pacific parallels, but I fricking love the uniqueness of the Donruss stat line parallels. Did they make game day parallels back then too? The current batch of Donruss has the game day parallels and they are insanely tough to get and spot.

  3. Now that I've added Tino to my PC's feel free to dump some of your extras on me.

    1. Those are some nice new Tino's. I like all of the Pacific brands from the 90's too.

    2. I plan to! I can give you a nice head start.

  4. Some of those are seriously low #'d parallels. Congratulations TLC!