Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A big eBay bozo

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have a seen a few Tweets from me about a bizarre shipping case that occurred on a recent eBay purchase.

I purchased the following card for $6.75 + $3.82 shipping:
For $3.82 shipping, I think we'd all expect a bubble mailer. I am someone who has ZERO issue with PWEs, especially if the auction has free or $1 shipping. It's expected.

By my $3.82 shipping charge got me a PWE.

Now, the card arrived just fine and in a top loader, but honestly, I felt robbed of $2. The seller didn't get what he wanted in the auction, so he made two extra bucks by undercutting the shipping.

Feeling a bit chapped, I reached out. Here is the full eBay message exchange:




I apologize if that was a little tough to follow, so here is the breakdown:

1. I ask about the shipping, feeling like it should have been a bubble mailer.
2. Seller says he didn't look at the shipping, asks if card was damaged.
3. I say "no", but the cost still seems too high given what I paid.
4. Seller justifies his actions by saying I got a good deal on the card.
5. Since it didn't get to me damaged, he didn't think he needed to offer a refund. He finally gave a partial refund.
6. I said thank you and that his logic is bizarre.
7. He says he was drinking during Game 6 of the World Series.

Freakin' weird.

All in all, card arrived ok, I got a partial refund, and I got some good laughs and a bunch of Twitter followers out of it. I still think the seller was wrong and probably does this a bunch, knowing most buyers won't ever reach out about it.

eBay really is the land of bozos.


  1. Maybe top loaders are expensive in Houston! :D

  2. The $3.82 PWE deal is a scam and I'm glad you called him out on it, so he at least realizes that some buyers aren't going to put up with it. Glad you were able to get a partial refund.