Wednesday, November 27, 2019

TCDB was made for #TeamPWE

By now you've heard me sing the praises of The Trading Card Database.

I really like how it's gone for my collecting habits so far. I've kept it very small - 2-3 PWE trades per week, which feels neither overwhelming nor like a time suck. It's just right for me at this time. I have several hundred cards available for trade, mostly from 2019 Update. It's proved to be a solid inventory, as I've gotten some good offers and made a few myself.

Every collector I've come across has been fair and courteous, and shipping, while all PWE, has been great. #TeamPWE is alive and well on TCDB.

And best of all, I find myself sending away cards I don't need for 1-2 I'm happier to have. 6-7 Topps Update base cards of players I don't care about for a Gleyber Torres card? All day long.

Speaking of Torres, I've gotten the most of him on TCDB. I found that not many people have old Tinos I need on there, so in order to make trades, one needs a semi-current want list. Torres, being awesome a guy who is still a bit overshadowed in the hobby, was an easy "add" to my wantlist on the site, and has proved to be a smart addition. My collection of him has greatly grown. While I don't anticipate becoming a full-on Gleyber collector, picking up cards of him at this stage is something I'm interested in.

With that being said, here's my latest batch of trades. I'm up to 12 or 13 completed trades overall.

This was a quick one for one with member sandd0522. I sent him a 2019 Topps 150 stabbed Citi Field, and got this Gleyber insert in return:
The next was from bravefan1, who as you might guess, collects Braves. I also sent him a few of those Berger's Best reprints from a few years back. In return, I got back for Gleybers, which is a perfect trade, really. I especially like the Gallery RC.
The next trader needs to introduction, as it's from Colbey aka Flywheels of Cardboard Collections. I sent Colbey a few cards from his 2019 wants, and got back four Yankees 2019 Topps Holiday cards.
And he also threw in an unexpected Gleyber. Very nice!
A quick 3 for 2 trade was next with Hittinaway. My end of the deal brought me a new Stanton and Sanchez:
I found a trader who lives just about 10 minutes away named alanfromnyc. Kind of cool to be so close! Maybe Alan will eventually be an in-person trader since we live so close. I sent him more quantity than anything else, with 9 inserts from 2019. In return, I got an AWESOME Gleyber refractor (didn't scan well), followed by a 2018 Topps Holiday RC.
Last but not least for this go-round, billwill305 found some 2019 Topps Fire that I put on my wantlist. I also added another Gleyber from 2019 GQ.

This post ended up being a bit of a card/trade dump, but just goes to show how quick and easy these deals can be!


  1. Nice cards. I haven't traded on tcdb yet, but I might in the future. I hope Gleyber Torres can keep getting better.

  2. That's a huge stack of Gleyber. I'm glad I picked up some his rookies last year... but I ended up picking up more Andujars. Hopefully he returns to form in 2020.