Sunday, January 19, 2020

Growing my Tino collection on the TCDB

While most of my TCDB trades have been for current Yankees, a few over the last few weeks have brought be a few new Tinos. There aren't a ton I need for trade on the site, but I do appreciate finding a few. Brick by brick!

The first was from member alh. I exchanged a few NL stars like Blackmon, Freeman, Bryant, and Baez from random assorted sets, and got a Tino 2003 Topps HTA stamped card. I also snagged a Gio Urshela RC in the deal!
The second Tino came in from a member named obxyankeefan. This was the only card in the deal, a 2005 Fleer Tino. I sent along three cards from the 2019 Topps Update set. Great 3 for 1 deal for me.
The next, from shaggy69 (hehe), was one I thought I had, but alas, it was not! This 2005 Upper Deck became mine for two cards from the 2016 Topps Wrigley set.
Some of the easier Tinos to find are from '08 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy. Tigerhead sent me this for a 2019 Heritage Shane Greene insert.
A two-Tino deal came from Torcato for five 2019 Update inserts/parallels. A Yankee Stadium Legacy, and a card from Tino's lost Cardinal years.
And last but not least! nwcardsupplies hit me with three new Tinos! These came for a 2017 Heritage SP Chris Sale, and a Sixto Sanchez Bowman card.
All such easy, efficient trades. And a great way to continuo my climb to 1,000 Tinos (currently at 930!).


  1. You're getting there. Now to get the last 1401 cards!

  2. I've traded with all 3 of those guys on the site, nothing but good stuff came my way. Alh is the big reason I'm close or done on 3 of my early 80's Topps sets.

    Looking forward to seeing you hit 1K Tinos!

  3. I have used that set as a reference before, but never done any trading on it. I need to go check that out.

  4. I haven't taken the plunge on making a trade on TCDB. From your posts it seems to be a pretty good way of doing things though.

  5. Wonder how long it takes before the fun disappears like Listia.

  6. Very cool that you're able to move unwanted cards for new Tino's. Congratulations!

  7. It would be squirrely of me not to admit that I had no idea Gio was on the Indians.

    Those are some fantastic new cards. Bravo!