Saturday, January 11, 2020

No Saturday Blues

I don't have the blues. It's going to be a great and productive Saturday. It's supposed to be in the mid 60s today in NJ, which is pretty unheard of for mid-January. I should be snowblowing today, but nope! I'm going to rock some shorts and do things I need to do outside.

High up on that list is taking down the Christmas lights off of the house/bushes. Usually that's a task I hate because it's frigid, but not today. Perfect day for that. Plus, the Patriots-less NFL Playoffs are on.

Nope, no blues here. Instead, the only blues I have is a new card of Yankees prospect Clarke Schmidt.
This parallel came from Heritage Minors.

Schmidt is pretty awesome. He out dueled Casey Mize last season on Opening Day, throwing five no-hit innings against him. By the end of 2019, he was dominating in the AA playoffs for Trenton. If things go according to plan, he should find a way to the Bronx in 2020. Although, things never go the way they are supposed to, especially for pitching prospects.

Still, he is talented, a bulldog, and is a very exciting prospect who is still flying under the radar.


  1. Speaking of weather enjoy it. Last week (N. FL & S. GA) woke every day to 31 degrees. This week, lows in the mid 60's high at 80. I'd say I love it, but there is a nasty storm hitting us tonight, and rain for the week ahead. But we'll be okay. Love the warm weather let's see some baseball. Good luck with the prospect!

  2. Yeah, the weather was a treat today.

    Nothing better than a pitcher throwing some no-shit innings! B^)

  3. Glad you're enjoying the nice weather. Out here in the Bay Area, it's chilly in the evenings, but it gets into the mid 50's during the day. I can live with that. However low to mid 60's is my favorite weather.