Saturday, October 30, 2021

Atomic holds up

Personally, it feels like Chrome products have been lackluster the past few years. Pricy, hard to find, and when one does find it, it feels like a dud. Buyer's remorse happens almost instantly. There have even been a few Topps Chrome group breaks I have passed on because I just didn't feel like the product was worth it.

That's not just Topps Chrome, either. Bowman Chrome seems to be in the same boat.

But that's why we have eBay and the ability to go back and purchase cards from better years and better efforts. If today's shiny doesn't do it for you, there's always a surplus of something from the golden era of cardboard.

For example, 24 years ago, Topps rolled out this:
Atomic Refractors were still fairly new, but man, is this Bowman's Best nice. The background textures add a depth and dimension that makes the grid-like refractor pattern just pop off the card. It's crazy we had this in 1997, yet don't get much new in 2021. 

Plus, this card set me back less than $2. I'd rather spend my money on that than today's unimagined Chrome products.


  1. I am totally in agreement here. And it is not just Topps. I just got my Braves team Panini Mosaic cards, total disappointment. Same goes for their other chromy products this year.

  2. It really makes you appreciate those '90s inserts and parallels. The quality and creativity was arguably better, and of course there's the nostalgia factor.

  3. Agree completely. I've been happy hanging onto my money and don't see that changing.

  4. I love 90's shine... especially for that price. Sweet purchase!

  5. 90's stuff isn't doing a lot for me anymore, but as far as blog posts go, I still much rather see posts with things from that era in them, as opposed today's offerings.

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