Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The upside down & a birthday

This is my second day in a row posting. I feel like I'm living in the upside down! This isn't something that's happened since last spring. Don't get used to it!

Speaking of the upside down, I recently purchased a new Tino Martinez card that has a few upside down qualities:
This is a weird printing error where Tino's name is nowhere to be found. The card state's Rich Amaral's name and team upside down, above Tino's head. The Studio logo is also upside down in the lower right.

Normally I don't care about printing errors and don't chase them. Many people find miscuts and misprints and errors to be more fun or even more valuable. I have never really been in that camp, nor have I actively gone out of my way to pick them up.

However, I though this one was pretty cool, and for a buck or so, found it to be a unique addition to my Tino collection.

Speaking of Tino, today is his 54th birthday! I have trouble remembering my family members' birthdays, yet every year December 7th shows up and I remember it's Tino's day. Did you know he was also acquired by the Yankees on December 7th, 1995? Must've been quite a day!


  1. That is really awesome! I love this card. Nice new acquisition!

  2. That's a type of error that I don't think I've seen before. I really dig it though, and wouldn't think twice about adding one to a player collection were I to ever come across it.

  3. That's a pretty cool error card!

  4. I remember when the Yankees got Martinez, felt like just a tiny bit of revenge after that awful playoff loss. Turned out to be a great big revenge!

  5. I enjoy cards like this. One of my favorite Russ Davis cards is a 1993 Bowman card that is missing the foil. There always comes a point it's tough to add cards and finding things like this have always been welcome additions to player collections when I feel I can't add anything new.