Monday, December 12, 2011

A new Banuelos from Trey

I completed a trade with Trey from Rants, Reviews and Fandom last week. I really wanted his Manny Banuelos Bowman Chrome auto, but my craptastic tradebait at the moment prevented me from making and offer. None the less, Trey needed a JD Martinez card I pulled and offered a Bowman Chrome Throwback of Manny Banuelos, so it was an easy trade.

Here is the card I was expecting. I'll be happy when Topps finally has some new Banuelos photos. This photo (or one close to it) has been used a bunch of times now. Either way, it's a cool card and a great addition to my growing Banuelos collection. I can't wait to see this dude in the Bronx this year.

Trey threw in three sweet cards. I was floored by this CC Sabathia card! It's from the Series One Wrapper Redemption program I believe. I had the Teixeira already, so adding CC is fantastic. These might just be the prettiest cards of the year. I wonder how hard it would be to pursue this set. What do you guys think?

Trey also included two minis - a Mattingly Kimball Champs and a Joba Gypsy Queen. I didn't have either one, so these were appreciated as well.

Trey - thanks for the trade!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards, I just posted about our trade too. If I get anymore Banuelos or Yankees I'll be sure to let you know.