Saturday, June 8, 2013

JBF delivers the goods as always

One of my best blogging buddies, Jaybarkerfan, sent me some cards awhile back and I’m just now getting around to showing them on the blog. He always sends very thoughtful packages.

About half the cards in the lot were of other teams, as I asked him to send me some stuff that could help pick up a few Listia credits. He definitely delivered, as I’ve been doing quite well on the site lately.

One non-Yankee I did keep for myself is this card of Miguel Cabrera from, oh I dunno, little league. The guys is a beast, and this card is pretty cool. It’s got to be one of his first cards.
Wes also sent me this cool Yankee patch from one of those re-packs that were all the rage. I never picked one up, so I was happy to get this. Maybe I’ll iron it onto my backpack like I used to do when I was in sixth grade. Jerry Bears, anyone? 
The following cards are more or less a random sampling. I noticed a lot of high numbered or traded sets, which was cool. I particularly like the Score Traded cards, not for the design, but because the back lists the details of the transaction where the player was acquired. I love that info. 
A couple Topps oddballs to boot!

A UD Masterpiece card, because when I receive one in package, it’s mandatory that I feature it.
And last but not least, this truly awesome Tom Tresh coin. So freakin cool.

Wes, thanks as always, and good to see you back.

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