Friday, June 28, 2013

Wax Packin Doon

The king of paper products, Napkin Doon, sent me a great package of cards the other day. He actually sent me some cards I would be interested in, instead of moldy, gum-stained cards. As has been his thing as of late, Nap also included some packs of unopened, high-end products. And by that I mean 1990 Topps, 1990 Donruss, and 1990 Topps Big.

Let’s start with the wax. Literally, wax. I was excited at the prospect of adding some HOFers to my son’s binder. And as luck would have, the first card in the 1990 Topps pack, complete with a piece of gum stuck on it, was Andre Dawson. Sigh. This would have been perfect for the binder, but of course it has to be stained. Maybe I’ll still add it, as it’s cool to show was happened to cards when gum was included. 

The next card was pretty cool too. A Sammy Sosa rookie. We know he was a big roid head, but still a pretty cool card to have. 
I’ll also show this Alan Trammel. I’m showing Trammel on his back on purpose, as that’s always how I’ll view him now after Donnie Baseball tackled him. 
The best cards of the next two packs are below. Topps Big are extra fun because they are so easy to store. The Schmidt card is cool. I actually didn’t know he retired in ’89…I thought he was around until like ’93 or something. Good to know. 
Nap also sent a nice stack of Yanks. The highlight is this sweet dual relic/auto of Eduardo Nunez.
He also included two lovely vintage Yanks of Jim Bouton and Jack Cullen. They are both in really, really good condition.
Thanks, Nap. Enjoy the Hank Blalock refractor I sent in return. I wish I was joking.

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  1. Actually, that Blalock refractor is pretty sweet. And more gum stained goodness is on the way. And so is my "answer" to your "card"